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Still My Mind offers you are variety of resources designed to uplift you spiritually & personally through discourses on philosophy, meditation, prayer, faith, as well as the power of Music. The songs on offer here are the written directly from the experience of my own journey.

All of the songs featured here are written with the intent of providing a window into your own spirituality. It is true that this world is a world of struggle, and the struggle of things both worldy and heavenly is eased greatly when we exercise faith. But!... faith in itself can be a struggle, so to be able to exercise it in confidence we need to transcend the powerful Mind which wants to continually protect us, (our natural survival mentality). This can be achieved when we give ourselves an 'experience' of the inner self. This self is realised through meditation, prayer, humility, love of self, and a willingness to walk a journey of discovery to make yourself new.

The revelation of God's love arising from your own heart is a milestone you should anticpate and expect on such a journey. Pray for, and seek guidance... live with hope, for a darkened mind can never illuminate its own way. Strive to be happy.

It is my wish that would be able to know yourself, and have your greatness revealed to yourself.

You Are Great!

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Here's one of my songs to listen to... "Keep Dreaming"... from the Album DEEPLY.